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BCS Sickle Bar Mower

This is the weapon of choice for recapturing large areas that are overgrown with tall weeds, brush, and saplings. Because it cuts everything only once at its base, the height of what you’re cutting does not influence ground speed. Consequently, you can reliably plan on mowing an acre of vegetation, whether it’s six inches or six feet high, in 2-3 hours, depending on the length of the bar. Also, because there’s no deck, you can mow when there’s a dew or light rain.


Another feature of the sickle bar is that it has a low profile and sticks out well beyond the stance of the tractor tires. This makes it ideal for mowing under the bottom strand or rail of your fence, under the bottom limbs of Christmas trees, along ponds, across steep banks, etc. This is a wonderful tool that accomplishes in minutes the equivalent of hours of arduous work with a straight-shafted trimmer.

Remember that the sickle bar does not grind up the vegetation into smaller particles that would give you a lawn-like appearance. If you want your mown area to look like lawn, please see our rotary brush mowers.

The sickle bar attachment is comprised of a transmission and a bar assembly. BCS offers two style transmissions and four bars of differing lengths:
- The “dry” transmission is the “standard” version with two grease fittings that need to be lubed every four mowing hours. It is more than adequate for anyone mowing one to three acres a few times per year.
- The “oil bath” transmission is the “deluxe” version which requires no regular greasing, minimizes vibration, and has increased weight for climbing steep slopes.

The four bar lengths are 30”, 40”, 45”, and 53”. If desired, the bar assembly can be purchased separately for those who need different bar lengths for different applications.

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